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"The world's capital of creativity?

London has a strong claim to this title.

From art to fashion, from design to theatre,

the city has a long, proud record.

It's ability to challenge the status quo and bring an irreverent, quirky touch to innovation sets it apart.

The city's diversity and constant hunger for change are powerful drivers of creativity."




TOTUBALINA is a young design studio from London.

In the world of Architecture we worked on high-profile projects with some of the most reputable names in the trade (Foster + Partners, Gensler, Aedas). Across many years we dealt with demanding clients ranging from wealthy royal families to leading tech corporations (Apple Inc.). Through this hard craft we learnt what it takes to deliver quality design to the highest expectation. With this experience we are moving into Ceramics, Glassware, Sculpture and Product Design.

Holding Master’s degree in Psychology we use academic theories to understand the end-user and thinking ‘from inside’ of the subject we work on the very souls of our design pieces.

Having studied Ceramic and Industrial Design in Central St Martins University we absorbed the best of London's design culture and are proudly passionate about artistic quality of our work, aiming to create not only functional, but elegant objects.

Using advanced modelling software and prototyping methods we design forms of poetic beauty and work closely with manufacturers to ensure our concepts transform into harmonious objects. In the modern era of computerized design and manufacturing any shape is possible.


Our designs are manufactured by Nachtmann/Riedel in Bavarian Crystal and a new collection will be launched later this season.



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tel: +44 (0) 7907655855


London, UK

Winning Design

Nachtmann NextGen 2016

As if by magic...

"I experimented with different shapes and textures and examined how architectural objects can be graceful and elegant, soft and adaptive - yet changing and unpredictable. They could appear to dance and demonstrate the unusual ‘turns’ of a female character."


Valerie Totubalina

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