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title. Domovoy Smoke Alarm

date. 2017

client. UAL

material. ceramics

A smoke alarm is an important life saving piece of equipment for every household. So why does not every household have one?

People do not like smoke alarms because they were not designed with aesthetics in mind.

DOMOVOY smoke alarm is designed to be different. It could match different tastes and interiors.

The project is unique in terms of material intended to use for fire safety equipment. Ceramics is one the oldest materials in the world, it has tactile characteristic, it has the ability to change the look of an object dramatically. Ceramics is one of the rare materials that can combine qualities of industrially produced product and an art object.

DOMOVOY Smoke Alarm

The product is equipped with a screw type fitting mechanism which hold it in place on walls, horizontal or gabled ceilings.

No deactivation / test button - a sensor integrated into the ceramic plate.

Red LED light indicates the alarm is functioning.

Mains and battery operated.

Rechargeable battery inside.

USB powered.

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